Month: May 2019

High Income Credit Card

  High-income card , credit for affluent customers, do you already have yours? Brazil is a country in complete financial development. As a result, the number of families that fall into the upper middle class and high class has increased. With the increasing purchasing power of families, issuing institutions and companies are also attentive and […]

Credit Card – Problem or Solution?

  Nowadays it is very difficult to find someone who does not have at least one credit card in the wallet , but just as you know a lot of people who do not know how to live without it, you have also heard someone say that credit card is synonymous with debts and defaults, […]

Credit Card Without Limit!

  I want to have a card with no credit limit for purchases, where can I get it? What is not lacking are opportunities. Oh, the credit card. How many facilities came along with this plastic money that fell in the taste of the vast majority of people. Like it you can buy everything from […]