Credit Card is not Extra Money


Extra cash with credit card ???


Extra cash with credit card ???


Using a card is the most sensational way to spend money without blame, whoever disagrees sends an email … Interesting that when well used is a hand in the wheel. In the world millions of consumers have access to this magic plastic that makes products, clothing, jewelry and even expensive ones become yours.

How does this personal line of credit work? When a consumer makes use of the credit card, it is nothing more than to take an advanced cash loan understanding that the debt should be paid on a predetermined date. It is worth saying that credit cards are a particularly attractive source of financial resources, both for individuals and for companies, mainly because they are accepted by most of the commerce in general as a form of receipt and payment.

Another advantage is in getting the card, all it takes is filling out a one page form on the internet, waiting for the credit analysis process, done !, Today it is possible to get credit cards with limits starting at $ 400 up to R $ 20 thousand reais, but there are those exclusive ones that do not have limits of expenses.

In order to use the card there are practically no restrictions of use, in this case the credit cards are extremely flexible, the limit of credit for expenses can be used to buy almost everything, it even gives to pay the tuition of the college or to finance that so dreamed trip to the outside. 

Those who have the dirty name also have the right to get their credit card, however, the limits are limited, in addition they have differentials regarding the conventional cards. Anyone who wants a good card needs to take into account some factors, income is essential, credit rating and credit history are extremely important at the time of approval.

But, not everything smells good when we talk about credit cards, interest rates are the biggest in the financial system, few cards have rates below 10%, in fact, the vast majority of administrators charge between 13% and 18% a month , except for some exceptions.

On the card, the consumer, unlike other credit lines, has a very good chance of accumulating debt: first because most people use it as a second income. Second because the ease of postponing spending on the rotary and easy too. Third because cards are widely accepted as currency and psychologically easier to spend than cash.

Now that you are reading this article, do not make the credit card your extra money because it is not even a second income. If you’re in trouble, or heading for it, it’s best to take control right now before it’s too late.

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