Credit Card – Problem or Solution?


Nowadays it is very difficult to find someone who does not have at least one credit card in the wallet , but just as you know a lot of people who do not know how to live without it, you have also heard someone say that credit card is synonymous with debts and defaults, have not you heard? What is your opinion about the credit card, is it a problem or solution in the finances?

Replaced paper money with plastic money

Replaced paper money with plastic money


The use of credit cards is a daily part of most people who have replaced paper money with plastic money. Whether it’s time to shop at the grocery store, at the mall or to pay the bill at the restaurant, just give it. The fact that you do not have to keep counting money or carrying that multitude of coins makes all the difference.

There is no doubt that when well-used credit card brings many benefits, you can split your purchases at the spot price and even participate in programs where you accumulate points when using the card and can exchange for various things like home appliances, cell phones and even trips. In addition, burglary security is greater because if your card is stolen or lost, you can block it.

But, if there are so many benefits to having a credit card, why do some people see them as villains when it comes to controlling finances? The answer lies in how the credit card is used because, in the same way that it brings comfort and security, it can also bring debts and a headache for those who use it: burst limits, charges and name in SPC and SERASA.

Some people forget that what you buy today with the card will have to be taken out next month. A great trap is the parcels, a small parcel here, another small parcel there, and when they join together they form a value that really scares when the invoice arrives.

Lack of financial planning results in loss of control of finances, and consequently in debt. Respecting credit limits and keeping invoices up-to-date is a good tip for anyone who wants to be left alone with the good side of having a credit card .

Another tip is to avoid paying only the minimum amount of the invoice, if you do this your debt will soon double in size and it becomes increasingly difficult to resolve the situation. Use the card with awareness, control your accounts, and get out of debt.

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