High Income Credit Card


High-income card , credit for affluent customers, do you already have yours? Brazil is a country in complete financial development. As a result, the number of families that fall into the upper middle class and high class has increased. With the increasing purchasing power of families, issuing institutions and companies are also attentive and looking for services to meet this new type of customer. In the same way, card operators are eyeing this new niche market, offering high-income credit cards aimed at customers with income above R $ 5 thousand.

With more money coming in, people are consuming more, buying more gifts, clothing, jewelry, cars and travel. Pretty much everything bought with the credit card. And with higher purchasing power expectations also increase with regard to the products and services purchased, making the consumer much more demanding and critical when choosing where to spend their money, causing many companies to raise the need for create a differential that attracts them.


High-income credit card


High-income credit card

Some of the benefits offered by high-income credit card operators are the built-in insurance, usually with capitalization that allows insurance to compete for cash prizes. Lower interest rates and miscellaneous assis- tance related, for example, to home or car care, are also on the list of benefits that high-income consumers are looking for when purchasing a credit card to make their purchases.

Another benefit granted by some administrators is in relation to the annuity. Some of them allow the card without annuity, others the person pays the annuity proportional to the months in which they made use of the card, reducing the maintenance costs of the plastic.

This tactic of the administrators exempt the customer from the payment of the first annuity is known, as well as offering discounts on the amounts from the second annuity, as is the case of Banrisul Mastercard Platinum that has the first free annuity for the holder and a dependent and from of the second costs only $ 280 and may decrease until reaching zero depending on the volume of purchases made on the card.

Airline mileage also attracts many people when it comes to choosing the high-yield credit card . Some cards offer a program where the mileage obtained from each purchase is greater for customers considered to be high income. A letter in the sleeve of the administrators is also in need that the high income customer has to feel prestigious and why not say “pampered.” This is granted to these clients through actions such as VIP entry into events and in theater and film sessions.

To have a high income card you must meet the prerequisites required by each card or flag manager, and this varies from one to another. Ideally, you should go to your bank and talk to your manager to see if you have the right to hire this product. The internet is also a great way to get more information, search for options and benefits that each of them offers, good luck!


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